Eric Wilder

eric wilder

Eric Wilder Founder of  3HG Network The “Hub” for wholesale, manufacturing, sales, and information agency. We are your direct environmental network in the green market place. Connecting North American based manufacturers with retailers, world wide.”We put the green in your profits“.

With Bachelor of Arts in Communications from San Diego State, his solid track record in Industrial Sales in Green Markets along with reliable resources of green apparel & textiles in the promotional & eco product industry we certainly felt that Eric would be a valuable asset to the Hemp Out Agency; as a marketing & sales hub for all-things-Hemp.

In 1994 Eric Wilder launched Three High Guys with two like-minded associates in Southern California. Because of his extensive background in Industrial Sales & Marketing, and environmental concerns Wilder made it his mission and instantly became aware of the amazingly versatile and historic Hemp Plant. By securing sales relationships with the Hemp fiber and organically grown earth friendly manufacturers, Wilder’s plan was to bring awareness and assist in the retailers abilities to offer these goods to their interested customers. Thru the attrition of partners, suppliers, retailers, and economies Three High Guys & now associate moniker Eco 1 Network has retained its vital role with its associations with many key players both established and new for sourcing, consulting and selling in todays now established and ever growing Green products industry.

Wilder back in 2009 was spot on with his business model to focus on Hemp & All Things Being Eco, reporting then; “Hemp has been finding its way to store shelves for many years, even without knowing the extensive benefits of such a green profit. Store owners are buying renewable products more and more, as the social consciousness of customer’s moves more towards personal responsibility for improving their own environment. While stores carried hemp for years as a novelty, only a few realized how ahead of the curve they were.”

Eric has placed more Green products into our Nations Natural/Eco based retailers and done more product research than most over the last 2 decades….to offer such a diverse portfolio of products, ALOT of Energy, perseverance, good karma, honesty, & plain ol’ hard work to help his clients.  

To date, Eric continues his business in Communications, Marketing & Sales with his company that went through a brand change & redesign on the new website as  3HG Network agency and continues to offer a one-stop Business to Business consolidation program to customize your product interests thru our extensive portfolio of suppliers.


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