Kristin Wuhrman

Kristin_bevegan30dayhemp_herimageKristin Wuhrman Vegan Athlete & Authority of Hemp for Sport Nutrition – a.k.a Miss Bellevue Vegan. Kristin is a Michigan Native and lives in the Seattle region where she is joyously surrounded by mountains, trails and water. An animal lover, vegan athlete, and an outdoors enthusiast, she feels lucky to live her many passions every single day. She and her husband feel fortunate to have so many natural options around them in the Pacific Northwest, as well as their friendly neighbor, British Columbia, Canada. Her education starts off with being a savvy marketing gal with a well earned Bachelor of Arts in Marketing at Michigan State, furthering that with her values for health she studied to earn her Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC) at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition.


10014722_529078230526768_754378897144955216_ophoto 2When she’s not out exploring nature, hiking up mountains, or running races, she’s helping people to fuel their best by teaching them the importance of plant-based nutrition. Kristin owns a plant-based health coaching business called, Miss Bellevue Vegan where she coaches people to fuel their health through plant-based nutrition. She works with health nuts, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, families and those interested in their long-term health. She’s a proponent of living authentically, developing mindfulness, following your dreams, and creating lasting healthy habits.

Following her passion, and commitment to helping others, Kristin created BeVegan®Plant-Based Health Coaching. With a wealth of education and experience Kristin thrives while helping people transition into or understand the benefits of a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle.


And this coach loves hemp, so all of her clients are encourage to start eating hemp everyday.  She strongly feels it’s by far the ultimate source of complete, powerful nutrition.  And her personal use of industrial hemp has allowed her to achieve a very healthy vegan lifestyle while improving her performance around her active lifestyle.  And now, she is taking her experience with passion to thrive as our specialist and  a leading authority for educating the masses on hemp’s benefits for health & sports nutrition.

BEVEgan_hempchallenge_logoAs part of this, her focus for 2015 will be running her own program to educate her clients with her 30-day Hemp Challenge she feels this will grow awareness of hemp’s remarkable health benefits.


Our food choices are very powerful. The food we choose to eat can affect our state of health. It can affect how we feel. How we think. How we look. How we perform. How we age. How we interact with others.  It can even affect the health of our planet.”  – Kristin Wuhrman


For all her plant -based recipes and nutrition tips we encourage you to visit her food blog at Grassroots Hemp where you will find all her original recipes with her love for food photography. Original_transparent_5000-1

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