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Hemp Seed Avocado Salad

The body needs to be in an alkaline state for total health, the optimal pH of our bodies is 7.3 . On the flip side an acidic body is what most North Americans possess which makes a perfect host for disease, parasites fungus and other nasties. It is a result from poor diets , negative emotions and lack of adequate daily exercise. When the food you eat is full of refined sugars, highly processed oils, chemicals/pesticides just to name a few, these all lead to acidosis in the body. The result of this lifestyle is  acidity which our body makes it clear to us through physical signs such as fatigue, acne, eczema etc. Therefore we want to listen to our bodies and reverse the damage done and treat the actual problems not just cover them up with prescription drugs which can lead to more harm in the long run.

Hemp is an amazing source to help the alkaline process be it cold pressed hemp oil or hemp hearts. Hemp is jam-packed with chlorophyll, which provide their green color. Chlorophyll is very alkalizing and, for the purposes of alkaline living alone, is a welcome addition to the diet. However, not only does chlorophyll help to combat acidity and to normalize your body’s pH, but it also helps to cleanse, heal and detoxify the body.

You can add the oil into smoothies/green juice or use the hemp seeds in yogurt, granola or humus. With the host of vitamins and minerals it contains it helps to rebuild the cells. It is also important to incorporate more raw veggies and fruits into your diet as these are highly alkaline as well.

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