Hemp Protein

got Hemp? She Does Deliver…anyone can drink it…Ohhhhh So Omega!

Many raw foodies know that eating too many nuts or seeds can be difficult with some people's digestion, and they often therefore "soak" these items...

Hemp Seed & Oil “Nature’s Perfect Food For Humanity”

The hemp oil can be used as part of a nutritional program to maintain and improve good health.   With a pleasant nutty flavour, Hemp Seed...

Non Dairy No Soy Milk Alternative… got HEMP?

Try it yourself at home... give a lil hemp lovin milk! xx

What’s Pushing the Sale of Non-Dairy Protein Alternatives? Celiac’s Disease on the rise!! Gluten-Free on consumer demand…Hemp’s phenomenal growth!

got HEMP? Today, consumers associate protein powders and supplements as nutrient sources for healthier living. But about 40 years ago the only concentrated form of...