Cooking with Hemp? UK researchers reveal high oleic hemp oil with industrial potential

Posted By Hemp Out Agency on Feb 12, 2014 | 0 comments

oil-pulling Hemp Out could not resist sharing this article they received today from on the latest R&D with a new strain of hemp plants that potentially increases dramatically the contents of oleic acid, making it even  more of an attractive oil for industrial use!!  More on this article in today’s science & nutrition finds please visit this read:   Cooking with hemp? UK researchers reveal high oleic hemp oil with industrial potential.

Okay, so for those that are not entirely familiar with the benefits of high oleic fatty acids in our diets let us first give you a basic understanding of what oleic fatty acid is?

Otherwise known as omega-9 fatty acid and classified as a monounsaturated. Monounsaturated fat consumption has been associated with decreased (LDL) low-density lipoprotein what is that good for? You ask!

Lower Cholesterol

Reduces Blood Pressure

Decreases risk of breast cancer

To name a few benefits, as for the uses… the R&D upcoming on this topic suggests that high oleic acid varieties of hemp plants in this new strain may be a major step towards developing hemp as a commercially attractive break crop for cereal farmers, adding that the resulting oil has many potential industrial applications.

This is a great development for commercial food production the Hemp Out Agency will continue to follow on, this is a great insight of hemp news!!!!!


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