Our Darling Hemp

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The self-realized souls can relate knowledge unto us because they have seen the truth… experience something, and are free to share. THANK YOU, this speaks wisdom, its real. Gives us perspective for sure, this is the gifts that can be shared. The #Precious #Hemp Seeds provide so much love to our bodies, they nourish our soul, they support our blood, they encourage satisfying digestion! #Share this for us…our precious plant HEMP #MotherEarth gives to us.

She insists she is the BAST thing for me as she loves every FIBRE of my being. She desperately wants my SEEDS but I told her we need to establish some ROOTS first. She claims she is solid like HEMPCRETE and her love will last centuries. She tells me she will melt into me like OIL and give me new life showering me with CBD. I warned her to be sure as some bonds can’t be broken like Hemp ROPE. She seems to be HUNG up on me! She says on the contrary, I’ll mold to you like Hemp CLOTHING and keep you soft and warm. She promised to never LEAF me and that her commitment would outlast time, weather, and even a truck running over us. She screamed HEMP FOR VICTORY for my INDUSTRIAL strength. I told her if the govt HURD that secret they would do something crazy like PROHIBITION. PLEASE she cried. You are my MEDICINE! She knows I improve her WATER and AIR and told me I make her SOIL very fertile. She won’t leave me be and is pulling at my last THREAD. I can’t help if I FUEL her every need and desire! If she keeps it up I’ll BALE on her!! I don’t think she really understands me. Could it just be REEFER MADNESS?!?! She wrote me a love note on Hemp PAPER. I rolled it up and set it on fire. I’m FREE for everyone and can’t be documented like the DECLARATION for generations to come.CHRIST! She worships me like the BIBLE and says I create MIRACLES. It’s against my CONSTITUTION to be with any old MARY JANE. She tells me it is only NATURAL and ORGANIC for her to choke me like a NECKLACE. I explained that my MOTHER’s NATURE is to share me with the entire EARTH. From BOSTON to RUSSIA to KENTUCKY to ITALY. I have a very long HISTORY from the beginning of the planet. She admires my worldliness as I’ve sailed EVERY SEA and GROWN HOPE for trillions. I don’t know where it all STEMS from but I just stand tall and soak in the SUN. She offered all the SEX I could need cause she loves laying on my BEDDING. She tells me I’m 100% and can never BURN. She told me if I left she would MULCH me and SPREAD me all over her FARM! I’m known to destroy farm equipment but she still wants to CUT me down and claim me for her own. I said that KIDS all over the WORLD need me and to stop being so GREEDY like CORPORATIONS. I was put here to spread my POLLEN and LOVE so I can’t be PATENTED. Today she called me SUPER as I’m STRONGER and LIGHTER than STEEL. I suppose I would crush on me too. WARS have been fought over me. I was there to DISCOVER ELECTRICITY. I CLOTHED the first humans. From TOGAS to NINJA suits, I kick ASS! KINGS and EMPERORS wore me on their backs. I have created trillions of smiles. I’m firmly PLANTed in every aspect of HUMANITY and the UNIVERSE. The CREATOR himself DRANK and BATHED from my VEINS to ENLIGHTEN himself and his disciples. I protected PIONEERS in WAGONS, TENTS, and TEEPEE”S. I laugh at RADIATION and suck it up. Rub against me and I protect you from the SUN’s UV’s. I put TREES and COTTON to COMPLETE shame with my EFFICIENCY. I am a part of every one of your lives and will be till the end of time. NUKE the planet. ROACHES and I will laugh at your silly weapons. I am INEVITABLE and will ALWAYS LOVE, PROTECT, PROVIDE, and HEAL – FOREVER! Besides, what woman doesn’t totally adore something that SAVES OUR CHILDREN!! I am CANNABIS SATIVA INDUSTRIAL HEMP

_ Poet Hernan Campos

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