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The Hemp Out Agency: The Hemp Out agency is in fact a social movement which has a mission for supporting the Hemp products.  The main motto of this brand is to make an awakening on environmental consciousness.  It promotes the advantages of Hemp culture by educating, marketing, promoting as well as engaging socially with their consumers about the good sides of Hemp. This movement was started by a group of experts who are from various walks of life, including nutritionists, activists and so on for promoting and educating the people about the benefits of using the haute-hemp1ecofriendly hemp plant products.

“High-tech” isn’t what you’d normally think of when it comes to fabric, but in recent years, that’s exactly what it has become. Innovation has brought about revolutionary new materials and processes, and one rapidly changing industry.” _TreeHugger

An insight into the Hemp Fashion: The stylish and eco friendly and versatile natured fashion garments designed from the Hemp plants. The Hemp plants provide a wide range of Hemp clothing to choose from such as some of our favorites;




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Superior & Stunning All in ONE:


The fabrics are all of superior quality and the fashion with hemp is gaining popularity all over the world due to the qualities of great durability as well as strength.  The Hemp clothing comes with a large collection and varieties of textiles, which includes a wide variety of fabrics, some of which are the Hemp T-shirts, Jeans, and Tops and so on. The advantage of hemp clothing is that it becomes softer and softer every time one washes it. The cultivation of hemp plants require only less pesticides and herbicides as a result the clothing made from these plants is not at all harmful for the skin. The hemp material will make the wearer have a cool feeling even when the temperature is hot, it also keeps a person warm when the temperatures are cold, the hemp material is four times warmer than the cotton material.

The T-shirt Trend Market is one of the biggest fast growing sectors for new business.

Hemp T-shirt Brands includes from various fashion companies are now in the market for sale, check out these brands focusing on all-things-hemp t-shirts markets;





People have now realised the positive properties of the brand and these products are gaining high popularity among all the people worldwide.

The hemp material can be regarded as a super fibre of the environment. The advantages of using hemp material for the Hemp textiles are:

Eco-friendly: The hemp helps to create the fashion fabric which is highly ecofriendly. These plants do not require any pesticides as a result, there is no harm to our skin and is a most versatile fibre.

 Strong Fabric: The tensile strength of the fabric is 8 times more than the cotton fibre and is highly durable.

Hypo-allergenic: Fabrics from hemp are hypo-allergenic also they are non-irritating to skin.

Feel of Fabric: These fabrics have the look of linen fabric and soften with age and wash.
Great for hot weather: The hemp fabric is great choice for the summer. The fabric provides resistance to the mildew and it also has the properties of absorbing the moisture.

UV Resistant: The environmentally friendly Hemp clothing will provide good protection from the sun as well as they are highly UV resistant in nature.

Going organic is the new mantra or the trend of today’s fashion industry. One can find a variety of Hemp fashion accessories in the market and the Hemp Out Agency has taken great efforts to market the hemp products. We encouragess_frei_spring09_5 you to check out these companies Hemp Traders and  Three High Guys/Eco1Network offering incredible textiles, education and versatility in their wholesale markets for all those fashionistas that pride themselves in natural, eco-friendly, organic and functional textiles this is an opportunity to gain marketing edge in today’s conscious consumer market!


Hemp Out Agency
Hemp Out Agencyhttp://www.hempout.com/about/teri-wallace-social-media-marketing-strategist-branding-marketing-direc
What is Hemp Out? Hemp Out is a social movement in support of the Hemp culture , by educating, marketing, promoting, socially engaging with consumers on all things hemp to grow a movement we tagged as ‘HEMP OUT’ its purpose, to educated the masses on hemp . It started with 8 savvy women & a stellar digital media design guy that span our efforts across North America. The team with their diverse backgrounds ranging from Nutrition experts, Activists, technicians to writers & researchers seriously fell in love with this incredible story of the hemp plant. We all felt a need to bring forward truth as this plant itself is the most misunderstood little plant alongside by its illicit cousin marijuana… and yet both but, are a remarkably versatile plant, with protective properties, it feeds our planet, saves lives, provides jobs and supports sustainability; we simply knew our mission at the Hemp Out Agency is we must educate the masses.

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