Hemp Food Popularity

Hemp seed are used by processors to produce hemp products such as oil, cake, protein, fibre, flours for numerous niche markets. The viability of hemp as an agricultural crop will be determined by the development of these markets, as well as the development of a processing infrastructure to support these markets.
The markets for hemp products are new and developing. The business potential of commercial hemp production remains uncertain while markets for hemp products evolve.

Canada Hemp growers must be prepared to undertake on-going market research in order to:

  • identify the markets for hemp products
  • assess consumer demand for hemp products
  • assess the growth potential for hemp based products
  • understand the technical requirements for different hemp products
  • forecast the expected size and structure of the markets
  • Industrial hemp can provide a high quality fibre and high quality oil for use in a wide range of applications.

Generally, the demand for hemp products is expected to benefit from a growing demand for products that are environmentally and economically sustainable.