Hemp Kids? Feeding Vegan Kids is Becoming Almost the Norm These Days…

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Feeding vegan kids is becoming almost the norm these days. For breastfeeding mothers, the EFAs from hemp can be a big help in replenishing the 11 grams of EFAs that are pulled from the mother daily through breastfeeding. The extra EFAs needs to come from a food source as the body does not replenish them on its own.

Good Balance Essential Fats Essential for All Ages Hemp seed contains (1 part omega 3: 3 parts omega 6)

Let us take for example our favorite whole food:  Hemp seeds contain all of the 21 known amino acids. With the 8 essential amino acids that all of us need, baby, child and parent.

I mean really, a Formula made with cow’s milk, puree potatoes, and corn porridge? If your baby is underweight, substituting your milk, the natural source of nutrition tailored to meet your child’s needs, for overcooked potatoes is definitely not the answer. Actually children and or a baby can be fed Hemp seeds, hemp milk as its perfect ratio of omega’s, high in protein. I’m sure you are aware of the “Calcium myth”. The nurses and doctors will stress that dairy products are the only source of calcium. The national recommendation is giving your child cow’s milk several glasses a day after 10-12 months of age. Did you know that only around 30 per cent of the calcium in animal milk is properly absorbed? Compare this with the 60% of total calcium content of hemp, or plant-based type seeds that is absorbed. Avoid all soy products.

Your baby needs protein, but quality is more important than quantity.

A basic foundation for a healthy meal: 80/10/10

80% parts vegetables (raw or steamed)

10% part quality grain (such as quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, boiled until done to avoid indigestion)

10% part protein (hemp, chick peas, chia seed, lentils etc.)

It’s suggested that nuts should be avoided due to risk of mycotoxins (highly poisonous or deadly compounds from Fungi) until at least 1 year of age, which is why especially vegan families need to be especially careful about adequate protein intake.

Again, your children also need protein, but quality is more important than quantity.

Teach them and provide them with information and guidance, while also respecting their choices.



Picture Credit: kalecrusaders.com, second picture credit vegansarecool dot com

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