Hemp Oil For Your Hair: Rescue 101 – No Salon Required!!

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Hemp Oil For Your Hair… super easy to-do at home.

Q.) Is it best to use hemp seed internally or externally for your hair?  Most nutritionists believe that to really get benefits from a supplement, we need to take them internally.  If you are experiencing hair or skin challenges, taking hemp oil as a capsule form or as a food, will offer the best results. 

Taken internally, it is thought by many to simulate growth of hair and nails, improve  the health of the skin, and can even reduce inflammation from arthritis or related diseases.    

While the hemp based shampoos and hair care products can offer the benefit of softer hair and skin, it can not be as supportive as taking the oil internally.             

Our experience is that it simulates growth of hair and nails, improves the health of the skin, and can reduce inflammation. We like the idea of having one good oil that supplies both omega-3 and GLA, without the need to take more capsules.

Some people experiment with adding hemp seed oil directly to their favorite shampoos and conditioners as a home-grown custom recipe.  Others will apply the oil directly to their hair as a form of conditioning.  Not well suited as a hot oil treatment, the oil can still be applied to hair and left on overnight.  It can also be used to oil braids, cornrows or other hair weaves.

If you wish to experiment by adding hemp oil to your hair start slowly with a little oil.  If the formula works, you can slowly increase the amount you use.

The advantage that hemp seed offers is that it combines the benefits of omega 3 and omega 6 along with GLA.  One product will supply what you need.  If you take capsules this can be even more beneficial.

If you wish to take Hemp Oil  internally, there is good news.  The oil has a distinct, earthy flavor and a light green color. Some people describe the taste of hemp seed oil is nutty.  Many people enjoy the flavor.

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