Hemp Out MOVEMENT (Official Video) Artist Andrew Reid


RELEASE DATE: on Feb 8, 2014

#HempOut gives a big Shout Out to well-known reggae artist Andrew Reid AKA Andrew Blood (son of reggae star Junior Reid) We are blessed as he offers his reggae rhythm vocals in support of this living Hemp Movement! #HempOut Shout it Out!

The Hemp Our Agency are grateful to have experienced this unique performance production by showcasing our greatest moments in the Industrial Hemp industry.

“wow!!!!! Hemp out!!!!!! jah bless!!!!! everytime!!” _ Andrew Reid AKA Andrew Blood

Shout it out Hemp OUT!! Join this living Hemp Revolution with us… together we can bring more HEMP AWARENESS With your help… We will take it to the world so we can start to end this war!! Mother Earth gives us this UNIVERSAL HEMP PLANT, it’s a crime she is most misunderstood plant on earth, and yet it is remarkably versatile. We can wear it; feed our planet for food and fuel. We must educate the masses on this; Hemp Out is your social movement creative culture that is sweeping the nation with its message to educate truth about this precious plant. With your help… We will take it to the world!! Bring Passion to All things Hemp. It’s our profound belief in awakening a wider environmental consciousness, by collectively marketing ‘hemp out’ of an alternative culture and into the mainstream. Shout it out Hemp OUT! She is Hemp herself; the most misunderstood precious sacred plant; she is remarkably versatile substance, protective properties, feeds our planet, and supports sustainability. Hemp Out is a social movement that views social behavior around natural food trends in the marketplace.

Hemp Out is: WE ARE hemp activists, writers, researchers and educators for all-things-Hemp… educating on its diversity; from food, fashion, film, automobile, textiles, environment, hemp activists, celebrities, musicians in this rousing portrait of our country’s most spirited and sensible free-thinkers. Freedom starts for a movement of seekers asking to be part of a community. We are at the beginning of the most radical transformation of our food industry since the Green Revolution. From sensors and software that help farmers improve margins, to crowd funding platforms that help creative artisans kick-start their businesses, to big data and mobile apps that allow consumers to make more informed choices and communicate directly with companies in the shopping aisle to our emerging technologies.

Thank you to ALL that have contributed!

Hemp Out Agency
Hemp Out Agencyhttp://www.hempout.com/about/teri-wallace-social-media-marketing-strategist-branding-marketing-direc
What is Hemp Out? Hemp Out is a social movement in support of the Hemp culture , by educating, marketing, promoting, socially engaging with consumers on all things hemp to grow a movement we tagged as ‘HEMP OUT’ its purpose, to educated the masses on hemp . It started with 8 savvy women & a stellar digital media design guy that span our efforts across North America. The team with their diverse backgrounds ranging from Nutrition experts, Activists, technicians to writers & researchers seriously fell in love with this incredible story of the hemp plant. We all felt a need to bring forward truth as this plant itself is the most misunderstood little plant alongside by its illicit cousin marijuana… and yet both but, are a remarkably versatile plant, with protective properties, it feeds our planet, saves lives, provides jobs and supports sustainability; we simply knew our mission at the Hemp Out Agency is we must educate the masses.

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