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Hemp plastic is…a pathway to a brighter future. A near-term resolution to considerably lowering your carbon footprint and plastic air pollution. A win for each your clients and future generations.

All that’s true, however when you’re nonetheless questioning what precisely is hemp plastic, that is the weblog for you. You’ll discover a rundown of our proprietary course of, find out about a few of our main supplies and uncover how hemp plastic is getting used to cut back greenhouse fuel emissions and general plastic consumption.

Hemp plastic, explained

Earlier than discussing our supplies, let’s take a step again and take a look at artificial plastics, which make up the overwhelming majority of plastics in use as we speak. We frequently refer to those plastics as fossil fuel-based as a result of their uncooked supplies are sometimes crude oil or pure fuel. After the uncooked supplies are extracted, they undergo a refining course of. For instance, crude oil is became totally different petroleum merchandise. The oil is heated in a furnace earlier than being separated into lighter parts in a distillation unit.

Subsequent comes the advanced technique of polymerization, which is when gentle gasses are transformed into hydrocarbons referred to as polymers. Polymers, to place it merely, are chains of sunshine gasses like ethylene, butylene or propylene. They might be blended with components to create plastics.

Our hemp biocomposites are produced from a proprietary course of which incorporates compounding a spread of hemp supplies with strand-building polymers and components. Collectively, these are joined right into a compound materials to make a sturdy, engaging biocomposite that’s far greener than fossil fuel-based resin.

Relying on the wants of our clients, our supplies could also be created utilizing each 100% bio-based polymers or uncooked fossil fuel-based bonding strands. These polymer bonds encapsulate hemp particles to create the specified properties, and the tip result’s a cohesive, constant materials within the type of a bioplastic or biocomposite pellet.

These pellets are utilized in injection molding and different methods to create every thing from sturdy client items and furnishings to automotive and architectural parts, packaging, clear tech and different merchandise.

What is hemp plastic?

We are able to use a number of components of the hemp plant and a spread of post-extraction materials or stalk supplies. Our means to make use of many components and faucet into the waste stream of the rising industrial, dietary and medicinal hemp processing industries means we have now ample provide and at an affordable worth.

Discount in Fossil Gas-Based mostly Plastic: Hemp plastic instantly and considerably reduces plastic use. Our clients can obtain a 25% to 100% discount in plastic use by switching to our extra sustainable hemp plastics. That is extraordinarily important and instantly useful to the surroundings.

Carbon Sequestration: Hemp is a carbon-negative renewable useful resource. Which means it really consumes way more greenhouse gasses than are emitted in its manufacturing. Only one ton of hemp can soak up as much as 1.6 tons of CO2, making it probably the greatest carbon sequestration choices on the planet.  Add this to the truth that our biocomposites change carbon-emitting fossil gas plastics with carbon-sequestering hemp, and you’ve got a really important carbon win-win.

Good for the Land: Along with being a “carbon destructive” crop, hemp prevents soil erosion, might be cultivated over and over on the identical land and might even cut back water air pollution.

Straightforward Transition: Our supplies have related properties to conventional plastics, making transitioning simpler. They’ll change standard plastics with out important extra capital or working expense. It’s sustainability, simplified!

Hemp plastic

We at the moment make 4 main plastics which might be designed as replacements for fossil fuel-based resin:

  • HempPropylene
  • HempEthylene
  • HempPLA
  • HempABS

Whereas that is our core steady of merchandise, we’re consultants at making hemp/polymer blends and have made many alternative hemp plastics, together with for extrudable and injection mould purposes.

Discover our supplies and study extra about customized compounding right here. Should you’re prepared to affix the hemp plastic revolution, contact us as we speak at [email protected] to find out how we can assist you make the greener alternative.

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