Hemp Ranks High in The Functional Foods Category!

Posted By Hemp Out Agency on Oct 20, 2013 | 1 comment

HempOutHemp hearts, hemp essential fatty acids, hemps incredible complete protein all to support detox health benefit #1 – Functional! Hemp detoxifies the Liver + Colon! 

Raw Hemp protein supplies enough of each of the 9 essential amino acids our body requires. Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, whole lotta fiber and chlorophyll, hemp is a great detox food to add to your liver cleansing diet. chlorophyll content in hemp allows the body to cleanse the blood. It’s also completely gluten-free and dairy free, which makes it a great choice for people with food intolerance such as allergies, Celiac’s, and any other autoimmune upset to gluten foods.

What makes hemp superior to other plant-based protein sources? Edestin!

On top of being a complete and balanced source of protein, hemp is made of two third of edestin, a substance that only hemp contains. Edestin is a protein that is very similar to the ones found in the human body, which makes is very easy to digest and assimilate. It’s also a wonderful compound to repair DNA.

Did we say repair DNA…isn’t that good for Anti-Aging? YES!!!

Hemp and healthy fats Omega 6 + Omega 3!! Detox for Clogged Arteries + Heart Junk!
Another thing that makes hemp a superior protein source is its unique fat composition. Hemp has the optimum three-to-one ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 established by the World Health Organization. But hemp contains also one of the rare healthy fat sources known as gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This unique kind of fat is known to help fighting against many chronic diseases.

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  1. I’m nearly iiedtncal to you. I’m 15, 5’4 , and 140.Honestly going vegetarian doesn’t guarantee weight-loss unless you really pay attention to your calorie and nutrient intake. Vegetarians tend to actually GAIN weight when they first start out because they resort to eating processed foods and carbs. Potato chips, mashed potatoes, white bread, cookies, soda, and most candies are all vegetarian.When I went vegetarian I gained about 10 pounds, then after I started paying attention to the foods I ate I lost about 15. In order to lose weight as a vegetarian, you have to replace your meats properly. When I went vegetarian at first I just eliminated my meats. When my mom made steak, mashed potatoes and corn for dinner, I just ate potatoes and corn.Morning Star and Boca products are good for starters. They are basically fake meat, made from vegetables and soy products. But I wouldn’t eat these excessively, since they are loaded with processed ingredients. You really, really have to make sure you’re eating a variety of vegetables and fruits. Before it wasn’t AS important since you obtain many nutrients from meat. But now you MUST make sure you aim for at least 6-8 fruits/vegetables a day.As long as you’re conscious about what you’re eating and don’t resort to cupcakes and potato chips, you definitely could lose weight on a healthy vegetarian diet.

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