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Who is?  Jim Seidel owner of Nomadic Life, LLC. This free spirited blond hair blue eyed gringo comes from a small beach town in New Jersey currently studies at Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Lifeguard. He is a real diverse guy, often finds himself beyond the boredom diving into creativity fiLifeguardnding his passion in moments of mediocrity his peers would say he is the Jack of all trades kinda of guy! He finds more insight ventures that have shaped his world from a volunteer Firefighter/EMT, surfer, landscaper, construction, a caddy, grocer, police officer, teacher and traveler. Although getting his Associates Degree in Criminal Justice he was called to spend time in Costa Rica. This blond hair blue eyed gringo although sticking out like a sore thumb there became a teacher of the English language to the Costa Rican communities.

 I returned to the US and came back with a new appreciation for everything. I learned how we can all live with less and still be happy. Through my travels I have realized what I truly wanted to do with my life and that was to help teach people.

This launched the nomadic hunter into social networking to educate the masses on life; minimalist and nature started a YouTube channel about sustainability through gardening and Do It Yourself (DIY) videos. This later allowed me to travel cheaply and to meet some very interesting people I am glad to call real friends.

Why Hemp as an integral part of your business?

As the laws begin to change in favor of Industrial Hemp farming here in the United States, it was only a matter of time before I could say I have begun to merge my passion with a job to create my work.

His passion is born, 2Nomadic_Life_Logo014 Jim Seidel launched the Nomadic Life, LLC

Nomadic Life, LLC initially started as a health oriented Beverage Company. We have now branched out and will be selling Hemp products. Since I live in New Jersey I wanted to promote the importance of Re- Legalizing all industrial Hemp to help move everyone into the positive future.

Do you have other businesses?

Also known as the Nomadic MedHunter on YouTube which helps with “alternative”/ tradition medicines, self-sustainability, Organic gardening and travel.

What is your Personal credo?

No one should have the Right to tell me what I can or cannot put in or on my body. It shouldn’t be one person’s perception or outlook to change another’s life or dreams. This IS the dream, live it with positive intentions.

How vocal am I? It all depends on who I am around.  At first I used to be extremely vocal and people would look at me like the typical “Hippie guy.” This was mainly because I was reading so much about how amazing this plant and wondering why the knowledge has been being suppressed for so long. Now, that States are legalizing and it is becoming more mainstream the general public is starting to see there are benefits.

The awakening process is a tough pill to swallow, but everyday I am noticing more people starting to understand how much sense it makes to allow the Hemp Industry to thrive again. Think of how many jobs we can create off this one industry while being Eco-Friendly at the same time. Not everyone has to fall into this new genre of jobs. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be available to all the other people that are trying to make a living off of something they are truly passionate about.

Day in a life of you?

Just living in the present moHarleyandmement with Harley and enjoying it the best we can.  I currently live in New Jersey, which is a little behind on the whole positive Hemp industry, but things are changing as more people are realizing the amazing benefits of one plant. I am very active in Social Media. I love connecting with open-minded individuals, while also reaching out to show others there is more ways to do most things than the mainstream wants you to believe. Talking, praying, manifesting is great and all, but ACTION is the best method of explaining to people that great things are possible in this life.

Transparent information is the key to awakening the majority of the population. That is my way of helping get positive information out about the Hemp Industry and its importance.

Let us discuss medium such as books, music or films: 

Social Activists? Local events, but the most effective way is talking about it openly as if it is normal already.  While I am not part of the Food & Water watch community groups, I have done events with them. It all goes back to wanting to lead a life where we are not forced to eat, drink and use things we do not choose to put in or on our bodies.

The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle and The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

These two books are about living in the present, making the best of every moment available. We sometimes forget how precious this life is because we are so caught up living outside the NOW. The past is a memory and the future is an imagination. All we truly have is the present moment.

Food of the Gods by Terence McKenna This book really opened my eyes to the difference between the Male-Dominator, Ego-Driven society vs the Partnership community-based Society. The book explains different theories about how we became humans and got stuck in one cultural paradigm. Fortunately the Paradigm Shift is happening and we can all benefit from the positivity.

One of the best documentaries I have seen was Dirt. It’s more about general community gardening and permaculture, but we can all benefit by adding Hemp to our gardens.
We need more Pro-Hemp documentaries like Hempsters: Plant and Seed, which is an older video, but still very informative. I am excited for the new documentary, Hempsters An America Revolution, which should be released in 2014.

Why Hemp? Your motivation to me involved?
Besides the fact we used to use it in the past and were referred to as America’s first Billion dollar cash crop from the magazine Popular Mechanics in 1938 Hemp crops are low maintenance and high yield. You can basically use the entire plant for creating tens of thousands of products. Hemp houses have a green footprint as opposed to a carbon footprint. They are thermally regulated, stronger then concrete, pest free, mold free, etc. The plant based materials can be used to make clothes, rope, plastics, vehicle panels, biodiesel, food, paper and the list goes on and on… seems like a no-brainer to me!
Your ONE MESSAGE to the world about Hemp, save our Planet, Farmers support, Hemp activism or otherwise pertaining to your message to the world?

“Together we can grow a better future” ~ Nomadic MedHunter

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