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Who is? Laura & Joseph Noble, owners of L & J Enterprises, Inc. And life long Michigan residences with a mission to spread the word on this amazing hemp plant!  Our goal as creators, lovers of hemp foods was to build our creative brands into a product line known for delicious hemp foods.

In our efforts to provide foods that are sustainable and beneficial to our environment, we want to help bring better health and wellness to the people who consume it – all while helping to educate consumers on the benefits of industrial hemp.

How maryjane lineupare you involved with industrial hemp or hemp related business?

We are HempeliciousTM foods!  Lady Jane Gourmet Seed CoTm (LJ) and Cousin Mary JaneTM (CMJ) are brand names we have created for our hemp food products.

We created our Cousin Mary Jane to be an ambassador for the industrial hemp industry.  Our plans are to extend our CMJ brand to non-food, USA made hemp items.  LJ will be dedicated to foods.   We are working to formulate food products that use hemp as the main ingredient.  Our goal is to build these brands into a product line known for delicious hemp foods.  In our efforts to provide foods that are sustainable and beneficial to our environment, we want to help bring better health and wellness to the people who consume it – all while helping to educate consumers on the benefits of industrial hemp.

What is your Personal philosophy and mission for this precious life?

I feel there is so much confusion and deception today.  Maybe it has always been there and I am simply more conscious of it now, but I simply want to try to stay true.

I try not to let the craziness get to me.  I maintain that I can only do what I can do, and I try not to add to the deception. My missions in life have changed over the years as my life has changed.  When my kids were young, my mission was to try to work together as a family and help guide them into making good decisions, being responsible and truthful.  Now I do the same for my grandkids. Spending time together is very precious to me so I hope my kids and grandkids remember the fun times we all spent together. We are pretty passionate about hemp.  I can be a pretty intense individual – as to if that is a good feeling for those around me or a turn off; I guess it depends on the person who I am in contact with.  I try not to let my passion drive people away and work toward positive influence to bring awareness.

Day in a life of you? I really would not know where to begin. At this stage of my (our) life, most my days are filled with working together with my husband in building our industrial hemp based business. We try to calibrate daily along with our daughter and son-in-law with getting our brands out in the market place for people to have access to. year ago, we took to doing various consumer vending events around the country, where we are selling our products to help build our brands as well as educate folks on industrial hemp.  Getting products packaged and ready for those events, then attending is all part of our gig.  Supplying product to our wholesale customers and fulfilling orders is also part of it.  We are now working toward building sales, which too is a time consuming venture and we are trying to break into more wholesale.

laura-at-boothHealth Challenges & Hemp?

My 30-year old daughter is the one who turned me on to industrial hemp. After I was diagnosed with a second melanoma some years back, she had come across information on hemp fabrics as being capable of blocking the harmful UV rays from the sun. I found this very intriguing and began searching for hemp fabrics. I ended up at an industrial hemp event where I saw a package of hemp flour from Canada. When I read the outstanding nutritional profile on the label, I was in disbelief and somewhat shocked!  Being that I am a bit of a foodie, I simply had no clue this nutritionally dense food source even existed, and I was rather surprised I had never heard about it before. Some weeks later while grocery shopping with my little granddaughter, she asked me to buy her some yogurt (she knew better than to ask to go down the cereal isle).  Upon her handing me the yogurt of her choice, I was rather aggravated at the ingredient list.  Although she was just learning to read, I asked her to tell me what was in it.

It became a turning point moment.  I looked around that grocery store and realized the products of choice had gotten far worse than when my children were young. Products boasting of “healthy” and “natural” that were simply marketing gimmicks; packaged foods that were more like wolves in sheep clothing.

Why on earth are these shelves filled with these products that most people should not eat, yet hemp, one of the most nutritionally dense food, was no where to be found! Hemp was being treated (and still is in many venues) as a pariah because of the false information that surrounded its existence. Ignorance was ruling over a food product that people should to be eating. It hit that deception thing within me and made me rather angry.  I began to focus my energies on working toward a solution. The power of changing what we eat can be truly amazing!  Many people are simply not well informed not only because the corporate dollar rules, but they simply do not know any different.  It is what it is.  I cannot change that; I can only try to educate those around me so they can make the decision to bring a change to their own self.

306748_452965291393934_1868758864_nBranding Hemp Success:

In communicating about brand awareness, I feel it is a huge hurdle today.  It is a very costly thing, and it is too bad that the availability of money for funding can keep good products off our store shelves.  This is true not only for our brand, but also for the thousands of great products that simply don’t have the money behind them to generate public awareness.  This is especially true of foods.  Branding good food is a challenge and costly; branding hemp food is even more challenging since there is nearly a century of disinformation surrounding the industrial hemp plant.

The majority of the US population has no clue hemp is even edible, let alone the nutritional profile it holds.  On top of that, many people are simply not well informed about nutrition anyway.  Simply getting some folks to understand eating a donut with a vitamin pill is not the same as eating properly is a lost cause, but there are those who do want to truly understand about eating better.  We are happy and excited to be a part of bringing betterment to those around us who are seeking answers.

On our Cousin Mary Jane website, we have dedicated a lot of information about industrial hemp. We created her to be a fun character to help communicate about all the wonderful things hemp can provide. Her image is actually a character of our daughter, who is the one who started my interest in researching and learning about hemp.

 The change I want to help bring is the awareness that hemp is a food that is nutritious, it is not a “drug”, and it should be enjoyed and provided to people throughout the world!


Why Hemp? Because it is truly amazing and more people need to be informed!

Your ONE message to the world about Hemp, save our Planet, Farmers support, Hemp activism or otherwise pertaining to your message to the world?

Since we are on the food mission – Eat More Hemp and You Eat Healthy.

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