Hemprenuer Spotlight With Diana Oliver – Hemp Filmmaker Producer of the Original Hempsters Plant the Seed

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Who is? Born in Sacramento raised in Texas with the love of family and animals. Raised Texan style, at the early age of 5 she fell in love with riding horses throughout her life, and floating across every river in Austin Texas. This beauty’s love for animals grows, and the camera loves her; from modeling, acting, TV, filmmaking. Lover of nature; particularly the beloved hemp plant. Her passion continues today with hemp activism and a true maverick within the Hemp movement. We at the Hemp Out Agency like referring to Diana as our Hemppress Diva Di!

 Diana ODiana Oliverliver is a Producer & Filmmaker Producer of the Original Hempsters Plant The Seed with a far reaching vision to bring more Hemp awareness to film with two more upcoming films scheduled for 2014. She is the owner of Thunderbird Productions, Film and Entertainment Company. As an Indie filmmaker, her quest in Life has been to educate, inspire, inform and entertain audiences on the amazing Hemp plant, and her resources.

 Her personal mantra in Life: Is to work to be the best human that I can be.  And with this brings extreme compassion for people whom may be in lack;  but don’t necessarily have their own spiritual beliefs. And that is; WE are all ONE and only here for a moment on this Earth and have the power to heal, educate and assist one another at all times.  My ‘inner light’ guides me; it is joy that it can bring. Therefore my happiness and joy I do give back to ALL others. I feel very blessed by this and thank God for my ‘inner light’ and the power this brings. Specifically with my filmmaking work with the Hemp plant, to attempt to clean up our Mother Earth with environmental Docs about Hemp & to move into Hemp Home Building in 2014, as well to actually make my Life an example, by building Eco Green Hemp Homes in Texas and the USA!

I have been told that I am a maverick within the Hemp movement as a filmmaker bringing Woody Harrelson and the Activists from Hempsters Plant the Seed to life…with this knowledge I feel very humbled and feel that I am simply be a messenger and feel very proud to hold this mantle for education, with my passion for filmmaking captivating the story of this precious Hemp plant.

With her Hempster team & crew’s continued work on Hempsters An American Revolution & Hempsters Canada Seeds of Growth two part follow up Hemp/Doc series, this will support her goals to carry out on her conviction to this precious plant Hemp.  Diana continues to build a film followers and carryout more awareness through social media promotions; she is extremely proud and humbled with all the followers, and fans growing together as a collective consciousness to build the love for this plant across the North America. With engaging in today’s social media she strongly felt the importance of having these guys on our crew as our Mobile Production Team for these two films; we are pleased to work with Producer Zach Hagen and Director Jason Krawczyk of Alternate Ending Studios in New Jersey.

But this diva just keeps going with her endless production with other Indy Film. Diana has produced an expansive repertoire of film and television projects starting in 1994. Diana’s career in the entertainment industry began at KBMT-TV in Beaumont, Texas, furthering her work as a model in New York City for a 2 year duration she headed back to our hometown based in Dallas, Texas to continue her studies in drama at SMU. Her portfolio with Thunderbird Productions has accomplished several independent feature films and TV pilots; she launched her career as Co-Producer of the award winning short, “Rockabilly Rebel.” In 1996 she became inspHempsters DVD coverartired to produce her first of a trilogy of Hemp based environmental doc/film’s with her first of many as the Producer of “Hempsters – Plant the Seed” hence her love of hemp had began.

Documentary Films are my chosen genre, as they enlighten, entertain and inform and hopefully also inspire my viewers to make their own changes, additions, and activism.

Thunderbird Productions LOGOMy company Thunderbird Productions also Produces projects in Television as Reality TV is a ‘documentary ‘ inside look at people’s lives and I love the truth , as its stranger than fiction!  I also work in Feature Film as movies are my chosen passion for work.

Movies/Films that you would have liked to be involved with and why?
The Hempsters documentary Film series, of course, and thrilled that our first in the series (Hempsters Plant the Seed) we were just awarded in the top 200 documentaries of all time (by popular demand by the viewer) by the Higher Perspective, truly an awesome award!!  Also, any Recycling Documentaries or Sustainable Living Docs.

Books That Changed Your Life?
In regard to books, and the Hemp plant ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’ Written by Jack Herer, RIP.  After I read the amazing book that Jack wrote, I was consumed by what the Hemp plant can do for the environment, the body, the soul and Mankind!

I reached out to him in my research on Hemp and he sent me a signed copy as well as made a few guest appearances at our festival screenings.

I used everything that he wrote as a template for my Hemp research to both guide me and inspire the direction of Hempsters Plant the Seed Doc/film.  Jack was and is an amazing man, and the first Activist for Hemp, in my and many people’s opinions.  He educated the World about Hemp!

Any films in the past 3 years that have fascinated you with its newness, with its narrative-form, with its truth?  The Documentary about the endangerment of our the Documentary Feed the Farm, the documentary ‘ ‘The End of Poverty’, anything on the History Channel, and PBS.

Really, I am a voracious viewer of all Documentaries of any kind, I cannot get enough. The list is very vast, as more and more incredible Docs are made to enlighten our paths and get us moving toward oneness and healing our Mother Earth!

My favorite documentary is More Than Honey, by Swiss Filmmaker Marcus Imhoof, about the decimation of our US Honey bees.

Other books that have inspired me, or continue to do so…  my daily prayer book  Jesus is Calling by Sarah Young

Change your Thoughts, Change your Life by Dr. Wayne Dyer

ANYTHING by Dr. Deepak Chopra

Midnight in Aisle 7 by Evangelist Jay Lowder

Into Nothing by Sheryl Hardin

    E.E. Cummings

Walt Whitman

Poetry of any kind both contemporary and ancient!



Diana & her company Thunderbird Productions currently are working towards the upcoming two part films Hempsters an American Revolution and Hempsters Canada Seeds of Growth. You can find Diana Oliver on the following links, along with her upcoming films coming to a theatre near you in 2014 – 2015.

        The best way to connect to this hemppress find her on social media:




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  1. YOUR the Hempress Diva, Ms. Teri Wallace…WE LOVE HEMP OUT AGENCY, you…dear Peter Carson, and all the attributes you behold and you stand for, both in beauty and grace, intelligence, ethics, guidance, love and harmony for all things honorable and all things ….HEMP.

    Hemp the TIME is NOW..

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    • It is our honour Diana Oliver! We thank you for recognizing the Hemp Out Agency as your marketing team to support this Hemp Living movement! We are stoked for 2014 line up all for bringing Hemp Home with our next films…Hempster An American Revolution and Hempsters Canada Seeds of Growth!

      Hempiness is Where the Heart Is!


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