Hemprenuer Spotlight With Kevin Hodge Designing The Future With Hemp Adobe Homes


THE RISE OF THE HEMPENEUR LOGO 215534_1168883340729_1000924_nWho is?  Kevin Hodge. US Marine, a father, a boy scout, with a discipline to create innovative designs with all kinds of different composites. To date, he is known for Composite Design & Manufacturing with his numerous projects in the Industrial, Greenhouse, Automotive, Marine, and Aviation industry. Raised in the West Coast in the State of Washington. Building on core family values; community & family, this Boy Scout developed his passion in building & design of homes. His Father, also a builder & Kevin’s inspiration; together building on values of community, they volunteered time into building homes for the Habitat for Humanity program Washington.

Today, his business thrives on design concept in natural building techniques with the use of industrial hemp from start to finish… building a solid trademarked building system with his design calling it one of the most unique non-traditional homes with natural building materials.

HempAdobeHomesLogoThe birth of The Hemp Adobe Home…

Kevin Hodge is the Vice President & Co-Founder responsible for the formulation of Hemp Adobe as a new building material.

I can make, deliver, and erect a home in a week that will far surpass all efficiencies of stick frame homes.   I believe Hemp Adobe will supply a means to attain freedom from bills, such as power, heating and cooling, food, costs and medical expenses. I’ve grown tired of all the greed and the “me-me” attitude. We have an opportunity with this plant to change the way we do business and environmental impacts.

How are you involved with industrial Hemp? Spring 2014 is the year for Hemp Adobe! The first of its kind will launch starting breaking ground in Bullhead City Arizona; the first of many that will build Net zero/passive solar homes. Hemp Adobe Homes employs composites technologies into earthen structures. Our homes are half the cost of conventional built homes being net-zero/passive solar with added food production and environmental scrubbing. All the features are built into a onetime packaged price that it is no more than a car payment compared to a mortgage with no extra bills being generated.

It’s called “disruptive technology” and may change the way homes and commercial buildings are being built around the world.

10171151_1518819698345195_4157725080433739763_nOur corporate office will be also in Arizona on 65 acres. It will have 40 acres of aquaponics onsite, as well as other joint venture technology companies. I see this as a beacon in the southwest region for many collaborative businesses to get their respective products out there, and for people to come and see us for workshops in earth tech, alternative energy, food production, retail and hell, I get to make a 100+ seat amphitheater for small intimate concerts and live talks. How cool is that? It’s called the STP or Sustainable Technical Innovations Park.

Do you have other businesses?  I’ve had other businesses in the past, and I have taken bits and pieces of each of those experiences and merged them into how I currently am producing Hemp Adobe Homes.

What is your Personal philosophy/credo? I’m a very simple person with a mission to bring forward these new Hemp Adobe Homes. I’ve always had a strong connection to the natural world and empathetic to others. My business philosophy is to grow my business through collaboration. I want nothing to do with competition based business. I’d rather hire, license or train other home builders or construction companies using our technology so we can perform in a win-win environment. This made me recognize how much time material and labor it took to build those homes.

Day in a life of Kevin Hodge? I focus on designing the future of Hemp Adobe Homes, and collaborating with likeminded folks, inquisitive home buyers, and investors on how they may be a part of this exciting new technology in structure building and related products.

459069_3517266128831_1979438467_oWho is your market for Hemp Adobe Homes? Well, it can be everyone that is choosing to clean up the destruction of the world, and all those that are looking for an alternative in sustainable housing. I strongly feel, that these homes will appeal to typical home owners who have been getting screwed over for years by the mortgage companies, bankers and our governments.

I wish to break that status quo in home ownership with advantages in design, performance, and efficiencies while putting less financial stress on the homeowner by providing more affordable homes. We have been in this rut for far too long. It’s time we stop killing trees and using renewables such as Hemp to achieve a better sustainable future for our families, our health, and spirit.

336202_2355767652095_437210628_oSocial Activism? I’ve never seen myself as a social activist; I’m in awe of those that are. I would say the folks at Seattle Hempfest with Vivian McPeak are amazing with what they pull off each year on a shoestring. I think Marc and Jodie Emery are pillars of US and Canadian relations minus all of our governments BS. It really pissed me off that our DEA and some hag of that department prosecute a Canadian business man. She clearly over stepped her boundaries with permission from the low fore headed criminal tory Harper government. I’m like most that see injustice, and would like these bastards locked up and their ill-gotten gains stripped and distributed to the needy.

What I do stand for is equality. I want everyone to be able to live again without restrictions in their daily lives due to governmental intervention of fake laws such as statutes and codes.

Why Hemp? Hemp was demonized by some very shady people in the 30’s. It was pushed back so that oil and timber could be used and product life cycles achieved. Quite frankly this was a mistake of our leaders to be pandered to by oil tycoons and timber barons for greed and greed alone. This in my opinion was the basis for the dumbing down all peoples on this planet and set us back 70 years in technological advancements. So the paradigm was set, and only a few that was in on the deal would gain from it. I wish to change this, and have many brothers and sisters with the same mindset. Hemp, as many know, has many spin-offs as a base material to synthesize from and as a raw material to utilize in all aspects of consumer products. Best thing is it’s non-toxic in its various forms. It can be grown and harvested up to 4 cycles in certain regions. It cleans our air and reduces harmful radiation levels on our planet. With hemp I can obtain insulation values of R-80 with vault like security in a home that can be congruent with nature and her surroundings. Organic architecture is something my team and I are very interested in facilitating with this new building material.

Your ONE MESSAGE to the world? I’d like to see more education on this amazing plant, to realize new products and their lifecycles.

I’d like to see Hemp farming come back with a vengeance and change the stale old stigmas. I’d like to see all nations trade products freely again and be good neighbors working in unison and undivided. We have that opportunity now. Carpe diem!


Want to connect with Kevin Hodge, or Hemp Adobe Homes, please visit: 10175968_1518350808392084_3681012817855607033_n











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