Hemp’s Power Tool? DNA Repair…isn’t that good for Anti-Aging?!!

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Hemp Seed Nut for DNA Repair!!

Unlocking the power of Hemp…go go Edestin! What makes hemp superior to other plant-based protein sources?  Globular Proteins Edestine and Albumin!

On top of being a complete and balanced source of protein, hemp is made of two third of edestin, and albumin is one third, a substance that only hemp contains. Edestin is a protein that is very similar to the ones found in the human body, which makes is very easy to digest and assimilate.

It’s also a wonderful compound to repair DNA. Did we say repair DNA…isnt that good for Anti-Aging? YES!!!

Hemp Protein is 65% Globulin!

What is so unique about hemp seen protein is that 65% of it is Globulin Edestin.

Globulins are one of seven classes of simply proteins, which are constructed from amino acids and contain no non-protein substances. The Globulins are in the seeds. Hemp Nut Protein appears to be free of antinutrients, which are found in soy to interfere with protein uptake. Thus, eating hemp seed nut delivers protein with an amino acid composition as we need it and in a structure readily utilized.

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