Real Men Eat Hemp


The common misconception among men is that you must down protein drinks, eat copious amounts of animal products and pop supplements like they are going out of style. While all of these options can be smart choices when the right quality and quantity  is chosen an even better alternative is hemp. Animal products can be a great option if you are trying to bulk up. Although with all the commercially produced animal products out there you have to be extra careful you are choosing healthy grass-fed meat with no additives, hormones and antibiotics. In addition when you cook meat the proteins become denatured so your body has to use to use quite a bit of energy to break these proteins down into their main components; amino acids which can be then used by the body. The bonus with hemp is that it’s raw, it is not full of all those nasty by-products and hormone altering chemicals which can lead to sexual dysfunction and those dreaded “man boobs”.With hemp protein it is already broken down so when you take this pre or post workout you can be sure that the body is receiving readily available resources.  It can easily be added to smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt etc. and no cooking involved! Another benefit hemp has over animal products is that it has an alkalinizing effect on our bodies, whereas animal products acidify the body. Our bodies thrive on an alkaline environment and it has been shown in numerous studies that the over consumption of animal products and their acidifying effects lead to more disease within the body. This is not too say that you should never eat animal products and one size diets definitely do not fit everyone and it is always a good idea to switch up proteins and foods for that matter so you do not develop allergies.


Hemp Out Girl Jen

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