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Non Dairy No Soy Milk Alternative… got HEMP?

Try it yourself at home... give a lil hemp lovin milk! xx

Hemp’s Harvest 2011…Year in Review.

The majority of the hemp sold in the US has been sourced from Canada. Hemp seed is planted in May and harvested 120 days...

Hemp Oil For Your Hair: Rescue 101 – No Salon Required!!

Hemp Oil For Your Hair... super easy to-do at home. Q.) Is it best to use hemp seed internally or externally for your hair?  Most...

Hemp’s Power Tool? DNA Repair…isn’t that good for Anti-Aging?!!

Unlocking the power of Hemp...go go Edestin! What makes hemp superior to other plant-based protein sources?  Globular Proteins Edestine and Albumin! On top of being...

Raw Savory Hemp Bread! Low Carbs No guilt!

Raw Hemp Bread (makes 6-8 slices) Ingredients 3/4 + 1/3 cup organic hemp seeds 3/4 cup organic flax seed, ground in a coffee grinder or spice mill 1...