Hemp Oil & Health Markets

Hemp oil provides a balanced source of essential fatty acids. This composition provides benefits and penetrating qualities that are in demand in health food and body-care markets. Hemp oil products are competitive with other high end products made from natural oils, and may have an advantage in the form of longer shelf life. North American consumption of hemp oil products such as health foods, shampoos, cosmetics and skin care products is unknown. Increased demand for these products depends on growing consumer desire for new health products, increased environmental awareness and rising disposable income levels.
Hemp oil is also used to produce industrial oils for the production of paints, wood sealants, inks and lubricating oils. Hemp oil improves the ability of paints, sealant and inks to penetrate surfaces. As well, hemp oil contains 20 per cent linolenic acid. This has strong drying properties and contributes to high quality products. Most hemp oil originates from the United States where it’s pressed from sterilized Asian, Indian or European hemp seed, however Canada has its share of oil processing & farmer’s supply. Canadian crushing and processing plants are growing in services as more organic hemp supply demands its attention to process and ensure market assess to growers.