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Benefits of been a Guest Blogger

  1. This is a Do Follow blog, which means you get backlinks.
  2. Earn respect within the community
  3. Free traffic to your blog, website or Facebook Fan Page
  4. Quality backlinks from a Google Page Rank 4 Blog
  5. Increase your social network

How to Become A Guest Blogger

  1. Register for a Free account, email me, using the contact page, to let the girls know you have registered! Once we have vetted your account it will be upgraded to contributor.
  2. Edit Your Profile and COMPLETE ALL AREAS, your about me shows at the bottom of your post, only add one link to your website here and make the bio informative, but short.
  3. Make sure you have a Gravatar, I will not accept posts without Gravatars
  4. Choose a topic that fits our blog…All-things-Hemp!
  5. If any of the above is not completed you will be removed.

Topics for Your Guest Post

You must select the Guest Post category for your article, also please only use up to four tags for your article.

Guest Posts that will NOT BE ACCEPTED at the Hemp Out Agency.

  • Your posts must NOT be about get rich schemes, product reviews, paid reviews, posts that we find that may be spam.
  • Your posts must be of a high standard and of interest to the Hemp Out Agency.
  • Please do not post personal posts, these are best left on your own blog.
  • You may add one link to your site and two links to external sites only.
  • Please do not add an introduction to yourself at the top of the post, this is what the bio box is for.

Key Notes to Remember When Writing Your Guest Post

  1. Keep it short, hempfull & well get to the point around 400 words is ideal
  2. Do not upload images wider than 400 pixels
  3. Do not upload images watermarked for another site or copyrighted images
  4. Please try to post at least a month

So if you think you’ve got what it takes then give it a go…hempy blogging guest writer!