DIY: Natural Sun Block Hemp Seed Oil For Healthy Aging Say Whaaat!

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sunscreenDIY: Natural Sun Block? One of the easiest recipes on the face of the earth! ONE INGREDIENT ONLY: Hemp seed oil has natural health properties that makes it a good organic sunblock! Hemp seed oil has properties that makes it a natural sunblock, with SPF – 6. These properties makes it a great functional ingredient for natural and organic skin care products like soaps, lotions and sunscreens. Helps absorb vitamin D, its high in chlorophyll, and this can be absorbed thru the skin and could benefit cleansing. It also doesn’t block the absorption of Vitamin D like many chemical sunblocks do and it stimulates cell repair. Plus the Hemp oil promises moisture retention, glow and shine.. now without attacking the entire market of conventional products here is a brief list on why one should seriously think about what they are laying on their skin!

FACT: Near almost 60% of store-bought sunscreens contain chemicals that disrupt hormones and that can cause cancer. Yes, it has been said; #cancer. not prevent it. #cause it!

What do typical sunscreens contain?

  • retinyl palmitate – linked to skin cancer
  • oxybenzone – hormone disruption; potential cell damage that may lead to cancer
  • ANY nanoparticles – get into the bloodstream and liver (advertised as going on “colorless”)

FYI:  Consumers should not purchase sunscreens with SPF greater than 50. SPF (sun protection factor) works by absorbing, reflecting or scattering the sun’s rays on the skin. It is very misleading to put high SPF numbers on labels because it gives consumers a false sense of security and doesn’t offer a lot more protection,” Leiba said. They are right. While SPF 85 may sound like a lot more protection than SPF 30, the higher the number doesn’t always give a high return. Studies show that sunscreen with SPF 15 can block about 93% of all incoming UVB rays. SPF 30 blocks 97%. SPF 50 blocks 98%. ”The protective factors plateau from there. A product with SPF 100+ blocks about 99.1 percent of the UVB rays,” Ostad said. “You don’t really need a high number. They end up being expensive and don’t offer more protection than SPF 50.” Keep in mind, SPF protects only against UVB rays.

Okay so laying that nasty #Truth and why we won’t touch typical store-bought sunscreens with a 10 foot pole…and why we #LOVE the benefits of hempseed oil!

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