Ilana Bissonnette

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Ilana Bissonnette is a speaker, author, raw food coach & program developer and the founder of

More than a decade ago, Ilana adapted a raw plant based lifestyle to deal with ongoing health challenges. After seeing the transformation in her own health she was determined to raise her children on a plant based diet.

Little did she know about the challenges awaiting her.  At the time, raising babies on a raw vegan diet was viewed as a radical, irresponsible and even negligent parenting.   Physician’s family members or friends surrounding her continuously expressed their concerns and on many occasions attempted to influence her to conform to conventional practices.

She believed health was a birthright and was unwilling to accept anything less than perfect health


Ilana turned to world renowned authorities on raw vegan nutrition Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Dr. Brian & Anna Maria Clement to establish a world recognized vegan live food parenting approach that is recognised worldwide. Together she created one of a kind vegan live food parenting program she called “Raising Raw Babies.”

This she saw as The Birth Of A New Era.

The following years, while raising her children, Ilana devoted herself to studying the art and science of preparing extraordinary nutrient rich, irresistible meals. She documented her family’s favorite recipes in her kitchen drawer, so that one day maybe others too can enjoy the bursting flavor of living life to the fullest!

This is how Ilana’s Hemp Creations book series was originated… check out Ilana’s Hemp Creations recipe book today!


Ilana work is inspiration to any health seeker wishing to satisfy their hunger for a better life.

Some say Ilana is Anastasia of hemp…

She is an authority on hemp!

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