Caring for a World with a Soul Gives Life Back to our Soil

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As flowers and fruit adorn and glorify this precious hemp plant, and mother earth; so upon this new intellectuall, ethical and social foundation a great spiritual evolution is taking place. This spiritual quickening will not be caused by the new social order, but will itself become the fountain head of the new order. Sprituality is not the flower or the fruit of ethics and social reconstruction, but sound ethics and a social order are good soil out of which sprituality may spring up, when vitalized by the showers of living water.

Daily we see the visible signs of our ecological crisis: the glaciers melting, floods and droughts. We need to take steps to strengthen our concerns for sectors in view of climate change, with better communication linkages between the policy makers and farmers.

Caring for a World with a Soul gives life back to our Soil, we might ask once prudent question: How can I contribute? Let us say first, take the “I” out of the equation, and contribute to ” How can WE contribute?

Firstly, lets focus on the feelings of these waking times; as we may also sense the deep anxiety of a civilization that has lost its way, forgotten its primal connection to the sacred that alone can give real meaning. If we are to take real responsibility for our present predicament, we need to respond both outwardly and inwardly. We need to work with the body, discard all the negative, darkness, and judgement so we can all collectively heal the soul of the world. Then, atlas, and once again we will sense the wonder of the world that is all around us. We will be guided by reverence, and not just rational thought. We can perhaps feel that Government speculation is dead, or is about to breathe its last.

Caring for a World with a Soul gives life back to our Soil and Love will continue to birth these waking times… join the movement of Love, Positive Reinforcement, Unconditional Kindness and Compassion…#HempOut the world with #Absolute #Joy and #JustLove

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