Hemp Powered Endurance Running


Fuel up on nature’s most perfect protein when running it is also chock full of omegas, fiber and antioxidants. The great thing about this protein is its GMO free and minimally processed giving you the rawest protein source around. It is also dairy/lactose free and vegan/vegetarian approved, with something this pure you can’t go wrong. Hemp is superior for endurance runners as it digests quickly unlike some other proteins which add stress to the digestive system resulting in unpleasant symptoms like bloating. Hemp will ensure that you are getting enough protein to be rebuilding and maintaining lean muscle mass. It also works to burn fat ,which in turn will make your training more effective by building up your stamina. It not only fuels your physical performance but also mental aspects, as omegas are the prime component of the brains structure.

Hempout Girl Jen

Hemp powered running

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