Hempuary Month in Support of Veganuary 2015 Join The Hemp 30 Day Challenge


#hempspotting #veganuary2015 #30dayhempchallenge #bevegan … What was once thought of as a lifestyle designated for earth-loving hippies, veganism has hit the mainstream market in full force from doctor recommendations to pro athletes and celebrities touting the benefits. There is a wealth of education showing that a whole-food plant-based diet can help prevent heart disease and other illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension, obesity, anxiety and even sexual dysfunction.  A plant-based diet is rapidly growing within sport nutrition because it’s ability to improve athletic performance due to the nature of how easy plant foods are to digest and assimilate.

Kristin_bevegan30dayhemp_herimageWith this growing interest around adopting a vegan lifestyle, comes the missing links: Where do you get started? How does it work? And what challenges will you face while making the transition to a diet full of plants? This brings me to why I created my business; BEVEGAN® Plant-Based Health Coaching. Providing people with customized support and mentorship helped them transition into a plant-based lifestyle with ease.

As a long time vegan, vegan athlete, animal rights activist and vegan coach, I’m thrilled to hear about Veganuary and their support of Veganism.  I cant speak highly enough about the motivating community they have built bringing like minds together.  They offer a wealth of education, support, tools and recipes in a really fun and motivating environment.  They help anyone who has thought about trying vegan experience it with ease for the month of January, a time for resolutions and new beginnings.

Join The 30-Day Hemp Challenge!

I’m excited to announce my launch of The 30-Day Hemp Challenge. I have always loved hemp and encourage all of my clients to start eating hemp everyday. I strongly feel it’s by far the ultimate source of complete, powerful nutrition. My personal use of industrial hemp has allowed me to achieve a very healthy vegan lifestyle while improving my performance around my active lifestyle.

photo 2“By living a plant-based lifestyle and including hemp seeds in my daily diet, my performance, recovery, and energy levels are always at their highest.  I am a strong believer that this lifestyle enhances health, physical performance, and mental clarity.” – Kristin Wuhrman, BEVEGAN® Founder

I decided to take my experience with passion and launch The 30-Day Hemp Challenge with a strong focus to drive the health benefits of hemp as a living movement.  My goal with this challenge is to educate people and grow awareness of hemp’s remarkable health benefits.  Learn more by visiting www.30dayhempseedchallenge.com

Join the Living Movement & Get Your Hemp On!

Take the pledge to practice healthy nutrition behavior changes by joining The 30-Day Hemp Challenge. For one full month, you will be in a supportive environment that mentors you on how including hemp seeds and hemp oil in your daily diet can improve your health in many ways.  You will have coaching support, leadership, motivation, tools and recipes to keep you on track! #30dayhempchallenge



BEVEGAN The 30-Day Hemp Challenge in full Response to Veganuary 2015!

Veganism is 2015’s hottest diet craze | Metro News

Move over Paleo, 5-2 and juice diets. You are SO 2014. There’s a new diet in town and it’s holding your turkey to ransom: Veganism. 
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